Research collaboration opportunities

Interested in research cooperation with KhAI?

One of the vectors of KhAI development is the enhancing of research international collaboration by means of participation in bilateral and collaborative projects, which stimulate R&D activities, the creation of innovations, and solving of problems arising in high-tech industries.

Bilateral cooperation   Collaborative research projects

We can become a reliable partner for research institutions, industry and SMEs in the frame of bilateral cooperation, and to perform advanced R&Ds jointly or independently under the contract.

Full list of KhAI's international research projects.

Collaborative projects funded under international research and innovation programmes, such as Horizon 2020, are of particular interest for KhAI. We have experience in participation in such projects and also in proposal preparation for different types of calls and funding instruments.

Full list of EU FP projects with KhAI participation.

Our University is engaged in both fundamental types of research, focused on furthering scientific knowledge, and applied research, aimed to solve specific R&D tasks.

KhAI research activities

If you are interested to establish international research collaboration links with KhAI, please, contact International Projects and Programmes Office.